Can’t Take Any More? My book will help you!

Victims of Abuse Need Support

My name is Marianne Jervis and I recently survived an almost hopeless situation while working as a proud Senior Correction Officer in a state prison. I endured constant abuse by my peers and supervisors that was so severe I couldn’t put into words how I felt or where to begin to describe my pain. A team of doctors and psychologists finally got me to "speak" through a journal that I kept by my hospital bed each day while recovering from severe mental, emotional, and physical trauma. This journal saved my life and has helped innumerable victims of domestic violence or workplace violence.

My unparalleled autobiography entitled: "Ain’t Gonna Take No More!" has helped thousands of victims who have experienced serious abuse or crises in their lives. It is a guide for establishing boundaries, safety and protective rights. It reveals proven methods used in healing severe depression, panic, trauma, PTSD, etc.

(Excerpt from book): “My final straw came November 2nd while on duty when I was assaulted by an inmate with a history of assaultive and sexually-aggressive behavior. I was supervising approximately 150 inmates at Riverfront’s State Prison when a violent-aggressive inmate grabbed me by my right shoulder attempting to drag me into his cell. Circling around me was a group of his friends. Struggling, I radioed a "Code 2" which means "Officer needs help!" However, my Area Sergeant Kersh yelled out over the radio: "Cancel that Code 2! Repeat! There is no g.. damn Code 2!" My heart felt like it stopped beating. My throat was closing. I could not breathe as I realized what lengths my Supervisors would go to, in order to get me to quit my job! Luckily, as I struggled with my attackers, the unit locked in. Inmates yelled out to Sgt. Kersh as he arrived on unit, "Sarge! You know that’s wrong what you did to that Officer! That inmate assaulted that Officer and you know it!" Sgt. Kersh fiercely heightened the aggression again by ordering the inmates to lock in for the entire day. (End of excerpt)

In my autobiography I have written a detailed account of the many gruesome events that awaited me as a female Senior Officer. As a pioneer, counselor, and national advocate for victims of violence my personal story brings hope, courage and knowledge to others regardless of race, creed, or sex. My story takes the reader behind the prison walls into actual incidents that are common within the Corrections Department and society today. You will journey through the eye of many storms during the 12-years of actual and documented hellish ordeals I was forced to withstand, caused by my fellow officers and supervisors. You will feel the hurt, shock, pain, anger, disbelief, despair, mistrust, and all levels of torture in a no-win situation. The sadistic calculated torture nearly destroyed my dying innocent spirit and inner will to survive.

Brace yourself. You won’t believe what happens next!